Mary Lindenmuth

Recruiting Director, Engineering/Manufacturing/Operations

In January of 2008 Mary Lindenmuth joined The Pompeo Group as Recruiting Director, Finance/Manufacturing & Supply Chain. Mary excels in recruiting a full spectrum of skilled professionals in the areas of manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, accounting, administration, and distribution. Mary has been a manufacturing, financial, distribution, administration and supply chain specialist since 1985. Mary spent 18 years with Search West. While there, she was the Department Manager for Manufacturing and Finance. Mary was Account Executive of the Year for the Orange office in 1995, '96, '97, '98, 2000, and 2001 and was a member of the President's Club. From 2003 through 2007 Mary was with XEC Solutions.

Paul Pompeo says about Mary: "I worked with literally hundreds of recruiters over my 16 years at Search West and had the opportunity to interact with many outstanding executive search professionals while there. There is no one I hold in higher regard from my Search West days than Mary."

Robert Cowan, former President and co-founder of Search West on Mary Lindenmuth: "In our 36 years in business, I can think of no one whom I have more respect and fondness for than Mary. Her consistent success as a recruiter was the envy of our entire staff, but I remember her most vividly for her intelligence, ethics and integrity. Simply put, in addition to her skill as a recruiter she is a genuinely nice and charming person."

Mary's keen ability to match people to the chemistry of an organization as well as to the job description prompted one CFO at a well-known firm to confirm: "Mary has gotten to know my company," he states. "She has read it well. That's why I use her exclusively now . . . she doesn't waste my time with inferior candidates."

Job seekers as well respect Mary's professionalism. "I appreciate her attention to detail," said one recently placed candidate. "Mary gave me valuable data in between my interviews and coached me through the entire placement process."

When not recruiting, Mary enjoys singing, spending time with her family, and traveling. She maintains, however, that recruiting is her passion. "I love recruiting," Mary says. "I can reach out and in some way help everyone who comes into my path. I also love the company I work for. The Pompeo Group is a wonderful group of people." When Mary identifies and recommends a candidate, her clients know that the person comes thoroughly evaluated and well matched.

Mary can be reached directly at 714-289-2522 or via e-mail at


"We were under pressure to move quickly and I believe that a protracted effort would have increased that pressure intensely. That Paul was able to meet these demands, I feel, confirms that we made the right choice by working with The Pompeo Group. It was a pleasure to work with Paul, and his thoroughness made my job that much easier."

John Tappenden